Updated PEP66 with 60 x 60 x 10mm fan

Contrary to my post on Tuesday (12/5/00), this time, the Delta fan on the PEP66 is on the other side (you will only need to use two screws for this) of the heatsink and the fan direction reversed. Although they are exactly opposite of what the manual said to do, these two steps are necessary for this combo to work correctly on an Abit KT7 motherboard. The installed fan is now just barely touching as opposed to bending the capacitor. The fit is improved, but that's not the reason why we've decided to carry this setup. A mini comparison on our test Soyo 6BA+IV w/ OC'd 950MHz Celeron revealed the following...

CPU temperature taken after one 3dMark2000 run
PEP66 setup
w/ Delta small fan blowing into heatsink
PEP66 w/ ADDA fan blowing into heatsink
PEP66 w/ ADDA fan sucking away from heatsink
Highest recorded temperature by MBM 525 C26 C26 C

I reported in my previous post that the smaller PEP66/Delta 60x60x10mm fan combo performed slightly worse than with our 28.3CFM ADDA fan, which makes perfect sense (25CFM vs. 28.3CFM), basically it was on par with a PAL6035 w/ 28.3CFM fan. But now when the Delta fan is reversed to blow into the heatsink, everything changes. It now not only performs better than the PAL6035 with our more powerful ADDA fan, but also betters the PEP66 combo with the same powerful ADDA fan!(the mini test was performed twice) I owe a big apology to Glenn and the people at Alpha for not looking into this setup more carefully. I will let the "real" hardware websites figure out the reasons behind this increased performance and double check my result, as I have no idea how this smaller fan is able to outperform the stronger and larger fan when it is blowing onto a Alpha PEP66...

*Update!!* Overclockers.com, a "real" website (we can't do reviews as good as them!), has posted their result here of this combo.

*Update#2* PEP66 for Abit KT7 installation notes.

Here is a closer look, notice the fan is reversed?? (can't see the labels anymore)

Another view...

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