New PEP66 vs. Old PEP66

With the ever increasing popularities of AMD's Thunderbird and Duron processors, Alpha has added yet another weapon as they aim to retain the crown as the best heatsink for Socket A processors. That weapon here from Alpha is the newly revised PEP66 heatsink which is now made to be compatible with all Socket processors. So, let's get down to business and see what the changes are all about!

Hmm... Looks like the box is the same. :D

Here we see the contents of the boxes.

A closer look at the newer Socket A clip (which first appeared with the PAL6035) compare to the old clip. The pressure point of the clip is now more concentrated to reduce uneven fitting.

The copper inlay is now flat as opposed to the old design that is slightly raised for tighter fit with the FC-PGA processors.

You can see from the above picture of the manual, it now clearly states the support for Athlons and Durons!

Here is what the foam stands look like when used compared to the old PEP66. Good thing Alpha includes extras so you don't have to worry about messing up!

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